Kevin McCaughey

Kevin McCaughey

Regional English Language Officer
  • 10:15-11:15 - Day 1



It’s tempting to think that management in virtual classrooms isn’t needed. After all, teachers have ultimate muting power.  But there are key decisions to be made that will affect behaviors, coordination, and efficiency in online lessons.  Camera on or off?  When to use the mic, when not?  The presentation will address these and list principles that make for well-structured tasks in live online sessions.  Additionally, Kevin will offer a list of activities that are better online than face-to-face.


Kevin McCaughey is the Regional English Language Officer (RELO), based at the US Embassy in Belgrade.  RELO Belgrade supports teacher development in Serbia and fifteen other countries.   Kevin has published articles in numerous journals, including English Teaching Forum.  In 2010, he became the first to present an international webinar for American English.  These days his teaching interests include learning through movement, song, improvisation, creative writing, and games.

How can we manage our online classroom?

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