David Ayliffe

David Ayliffe

Teaching Fellow at a University
  • 14:00 - 14:45 - Day 1

Kayseri, Turkey


Many institutions have turned to an asynchronous mode of delivery of lesson material due to the COVID-19 situation. This change has been forced on many institutions at short notice and without allowing those institutions much time to consider the best course of action. This was exactly the situation at the institution at which I work which in a very short period of time went from full face-to-face to complete online delivery with 50% synchronous lessons complemented with 50% asynchronous lessons. Our initial foray provided a poor experience for learners. The videos we created were unstructured, poorly thought out and lacked even a rudimentary amount of technical finesse. I started to evaluate using YouTube to help ameliorate some of the problems we were facing. We quickly discovered that YouTube brings a wealth of advantages which help provide a rich experience for both instructors and learners. This presentation will explore what we did to bring better learning opportunities to our students.

Can YouTube videos improve the quality of your teaching materials and supplement your LMS in emergency remote teaching?


I am a teaching fellow at a university in Turkey.  I have an MA TESOL, Celta and Delta. My bachelor’s degree is in Computer Science and I spent 4 years prior to becoming a teacher, working as a software engineer. I have taught in Australia, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Vietnam and Turkey.

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