Urška Willewaldt

Urška Willewaldt

Slovenian and English teacher, translator, proofreader
  • 15:00-15:45 - Day 1

Ljubljana, Slovenia


Time for Tea is time for The Cube of Humanity My students and I participated in an international project Time for Tea with Momentum World from England in which we discussed a rather bleak prospects for our world. We concluded that we can make a change in the world only by changing ourselves and become active citizens. Therefore, we made a list of the most important virtues we could start with. Six virtues – six faces of a dice. That was the beginning of The Cube of Humanity Project. Do you want to hear how far we threw the Cube of Humanity and who was reached by our message?

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Urška Willewadt is Slovenian and English teacher, a translator and a proofreader. She comes from Slovenia and teaches English and Slovenian at Dr. Vita Kraigherja Primary School in Ljubljana. She wishes her students to become independent, responsible citizens, creative and critical thinkers therefore she encourages them to get involved into different projects, such as Reading can be fun, Handwriting can save your brain, Time for Tea is time for the Cube of Humanity (the team even met the President of Slovenia to talk about the project and its results in May 2018). During the coronavirus lockdown, she found a rather successful way to reach the so-called Z generation by combining old teaching methods with new ones. She gave a conference speech about that at an International conference EDUIzziv 2020 in August. She also gave a conference speech on stress caused by distance learning and its effects on teachers and students at an International conference EDUIzziv 2020 in November.

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