Martin Bloomfield

Martin Bloomfield

Teacher trainer
  • 12:30-13:00 - Day 1

York, UK


The SEN Toolkit is an Erasmus-backed resource that helps under-pressure teachers understand neurodiversity, the struggles that neurodiverse students go through every day, and the best ways to teach these children to help them flourish. The statistics are shocking: globally, education is driving otherwise bright children towards mental health problems. The SEN Toolkit gives teachers a free digital training tool to help prevent this happening. This talk will share tips and ideas, and hopefully motivate and encourage audience members to begin their own funded projects to help students in ways that are close to their own hearts.

What should every educator have in their SEN toolkit?


Martin Bloomfield has worked in dyslexia awareness for twenty years, speaking in front of governments, departments of International Trade, and conferences worldwide. He holds visiting lectureships at universities in Britain, Germany, France, and Russia, trains businesspeople from around Europe in dyslexia issues, and currently runs the Dyslexia Bytes project.

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