Bobby Zlatkov

Bobby Zlatkov

teacher, examiner, translator, teacher trainer
  • 12:15-12:45 - Day 2

Sofia, Bulgaria


The session will look at the role of patience (P) and respect (R) in ELT. It will also explore ways in which these can be exploited by educators to both their and students’ benefit.

There are two key ingredients in the recipe for successful teaching, which in turn lead to successful learning. Two very simple values we all know of and have experienced the grace of when receiving or demonstrating them. Come to find out what P and R stand for in ELT. You will have the opportunity to reflect on your experience with the two values and to discuss whether and how you can implement these into your lessons. You will also be shown examples of useful practices and given tips on how to go about using them to the benefit of your class. The session is appropriate for both novice and more experienced teachers…and for anyone who works in the field of ELT.

What is the importance of PR in English Language Teaching?


Bobby Zlatkov is a teacher, examiner, translator and teacher trainer. He has been working in the field of ELT for more than 15 years now, teaching students of all ages and levels and delivering teacher training courses and workshops in Bulgaria and Greece. Bobby holds internationally recognized qualifications in teaching and ELT management. His interests are reading, languages and mountaineering.

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