Lindsay Warwick

Lindsay Warwick

Teacher, trainer and materials writer, Pearson

Devon, United Kingdom


Questions are an excellent way to develop creativity in learners, but can we be sure that the questioning techniques we use now do this effectively? I will examine common practices and suggest useful techniques for ensuring that classroom questioning engages learners, makes them think and helps them to develop their creativity. I will also suggest useful activities and, of course, ask you questions to get you thinking and being creative too.

What is the art of creative questioning?


Lindsay Warwick is a teacher, trainer and materials writer. She has been teaching for over twenty years and has trained new and in-service teachers all over the world. She is co-author of books including Pearson’s Roadmap, Formula, Gold Experience, Expert IELTS and Expert PTE-A.

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  1. I liked the presentation very much – it offered useful question prompts for better involvement of students and is a good reminder that we should devote much more time to question making practice.

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