Slobodan Kelečević

Slobodan Kelečević

EFL teacher, language coach
  • 15:00-15:45 - Day 1

Banja Luka, Bosna and Herzegovina


Many teachers, even entire schools, are still having a hard time deciding whether technology is their friend or enemy (or both). I believe it is like the weather – neither good nor bad on its own, but depending how you look at and use it. Let’s journey together and explore the dual nature of the omnipresence of technology. There is no point in pretending it’s not here – it’s everywhere you look. Specifically, let’s examine the use of Mobile Device Management (MDM) software in the classroom – the good, the bad and the inevitable sides of it all.

Is technology in the classroom our friend, enemy or frenemy?


Slobodan Kelečević started off as an EFL teacher but found himself enjoying language training and business English. After giving online teaching a try in 2015, he doesn’t come back to the traditional classroom. He’s exploring language coaching as a powerful way to help learners reach their full potential. He’s always been passionate about using technology in the education process.

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