Danny Singh

Danny Singh

English teacher
  • 11:30-12:15 - Day 1

Italy and the UK


In this session, I will demonstrate a range of activities designed to teach English through music. In addition, I have a ready-made video lesson (10 mins), which will be shown during the session. This video can be used by any teacher, as it is freely accessible from my YouTube channel. As an online lesson, it’s perfect. A teacher can play the video to his/her students, go and have a coffee, then come back and get feedback from the students. Once this part has been done, the subject of music has been introduced and the teacher can take the lesson in any direction they wish. A creative teacher can get at least 5 hours of teaching from this one video, while even a non-creative novice would easily get an hour. Naturally, this lesson can be adapted to a real classroom situation. In fact, the original lesson was done in a real classroom context, but has been adapted to deal with distance learning, which is becoming more important, both as a useful tool when classroom teaching is out of the question, but also as an aid to those who cannot physically reach the classroom, due to physical impediments, huge distances or time issues.

How can we teach English creatively through music (online and offline)?


Danny Singh is originally from London, but now based in Rome and Canterbury. He generally follows a humanistic and holistic approach, but now focuses more on images and videos due to the current situation. He is the author of two books, over 200 published articles and regularly contributes articles to teaching publications. He has a YouTube channel with free interactive video lessons and offers workshops and teacher-training on demand, in countries as diverse as Slovenia, Greece and Ukraine.

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