Milica Vukadin

Milica Vukadin

Preschool teacher, ESL teacher, teacher trainer, ELTA board member
  • 15:00 - 15: 30 - Day 2


The talk will present crucial sustainable development goals and the significance of decreasing the ELT footprint. The research presented discusses the development of an English environmental preschool curriculum and its teaching framework. Some of the innovative methods used are Theme-Based Instruction, STEAM, Project-Based Learning, and ICT in education. The present educators will have a chance to listen to an interactive talk, create an online wall with activities together, see a video reflection from a National Geographic Educator certification course, and last but not least, they will be able to peek into the activities of an environmental preschool in Sweden. Last, but not least, the participants will have a chance to join a free  online professional development course connected to early childhood environmental education.

Why and how should we decrease the ELT footprint?


Milica Vukadin holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education from the Faculty of Education in Jagodina, University of Kragujevac. She is currently writing her Master’s thesis on the topic of environmental education in bilingual preschools, and she also has double minors – one in English teaching methodology for young learners and another in Serbian language teaching methodology for young learners. She is currently working on multiple positions as a head of language studies at B.Y.Mafit award-winning IELTS center in Nigeria, ESL teacher for young learners and teenagers at Preply, and a teacher trainer for Primera, Slovenia.

She is a proud National Geographic Certified Educator, and her other interests include interculturalism, storytelling, distance learning, EdTech, WordPress website design, creating educational materials, and instructional design. Milica participated in a lot of conferences and projects and facilitated more than 10 trainings on multiple continents.

In her free time, she writes semi-academic articles for her website Alice in Methodologyland and British Council Teaching English. She also volunteers online for the Granny Cloud, where she has sessions with children from India.

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