Radmila Popović

Radmila Popović

Teacher trainer, World Learning

Washington, DC, US


Does literature still have a place in ELT, or has it lost its universal appeal in the digital age? What can teachers do to spark the curiosity of the growing number of reluctant readers and make their engagement with literary art more meaningful and relevant for their needs and interests?The aim of this interactive talk is to address these questions by exploring the why, what and how of using literature in the 21st century language classroom. I will demonstrate – through practical face-to-face and online activities – how combining more traditional approaches to teaching literature with technology can foster a creative learning environment, where both critical thinking and language learning are enhanced. The participants will receive ideas, guidelines, and strategies to make literature encounters meaningful, authentic, and relevant for their students.

What is the role of literature in ELT in the digital age?


Radmila Popović has been active in the field of ELT for more than thirty years as a teacher, teacher educator, university lecturer and consultant. Before moving to Washington, DC in 2011 to work as an Education and Research Specialist for World Learning, she was Assistant Professor in ELT Methodology and Applied Linguistics at the University of Belgrade. Radmila has worked on several innovative projects (teaching English to young learners, teacher development at primary & secondary levels, training of trainers, mentoring, curricular reforms in tertiary education) in her native country, Serbia, and in Algeria, Egypt, El Salvador, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Tunisia, Turkey and USA. Her online course “Teaching Grammar Communicatively” is part of the Online Professional English Network (OPEN) Program. Radmila has professional and research interests in teacher education, E-learning and teaching, and second language development. She is most proud of being the President of ELTA Serbia in 2010-2011.
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  1. Your talk was moving and inspiring. I was reminded of my own professor of literature at Filozofska fakulteta in Ljubljana (from all those years ago). Thank you for emphasizing the importance of literature.

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