John Harrop

John Harrop

English teacher, teacher trainer
  • 14:00-14:45 - Day 2

Sevilla, Spain


We’ll start off by looking at different types of puppets that you can use. Googly eyes, hand puppets, glove puppets, puppet books, finger puppets, and living puppets. Then at some ways to introduce your puppet to the class. We’ll then look at the best ways to hold and manipulate a puppet, bringing it to life, giving it a voice, and how to build up its backstory. Finally, we’ll run through some practical ideas that you’ll be able to use straight away with your groups.

How can puppets be used with young learners in an engaging way?


John Harrop is originally from Liverpool and is presently based in Sevilla. He divides his time between teaching, training, and co-running Bat-i-Burrillo puppet theatre. He has been teaching for 30 years and his major interest is incorporating drama techniques into language teaching, especially through the use of puppets and storytelling.

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