Jelena Spasić

Jelena Spasić

English teacher, teacher trainer
  • 12:15-12:45 - Day 2

Leskovac, Serbia


During February and March 2020, I spent 6 amazing weeks in the USA as part of the Media Literacy Fulbright Teachers in Excellence and Achievement Program. By attending specialized courses on Kent State University and visiting three different high schools, I had a first-hand opportunity to see how teachers work with teenagers and what skills they try to instill in them. This was a great honour and privilege for me, and in the talk, I will succinctly explain the idea behind the project and try to convey the experience and knowledge shared.

How Fulbright helped me become a better teacher!


Jelena Spasić holds an MA in English Language and Literature and works as an English language teacher in a private foreign languages school “Oxford School” in Leskovac. She deeply believes in continuing professional development and has taken part in numerous conferences, Erasmus+ projects and seminars. She is a teacher trainer and an author/co-author of several workshops and accredited seminars. In 2020, she was one of the two teachers from Serbia that were chosen for the Fulbright Teachers in Excellence and Achievement Program. She is a nature lover, a bookworm and a movie buff with a secret passion for writing. She likes to travel and explore different countries and towns, along the way trying to contemplate upon diverse human nature through writing.

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