Josip Sobin

Josip Sobin

School manager, Erasmus Coordinator
  • 12:30-13:00 - Day 1

Split, Croatia


New Erasmus+ program for the period 2021. – 2027. has just been established by the European Commission, with more than 26 billion Euros attributed to this cycle. Some program priorities remain the same (such as the use of digital technologies in education), while others find their way into Erasmus for the first time (i.e. environmental issues and transition to “green schools”). This presentation focuses on two Erasmus KA2 projects in the field of innovation: “Virtual Reality for Language Learning” and “Next Generation Placement Tests”. Both projects aim to develop innovative digital tools to enhance language learning experience for both students and teachers and are carried out transnationally with partners from Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy and Spain.

How can we innovate ELT through Erasmus K2 projects?


Josip Sobin has been the executive manager of the largest private language school in Croatia since 2012. During this time, his school received national quality assurance recognition, became Cambridge Exam Centre and joined International House affiliation. He also received and implemented nine European grants, mostly in the field of innovation.

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  1. A presentation with a lot of interesting information. A true food for thought. I liked especially the part on NGPT and the possibility to contribute to it. Thanks!

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