Ivana Matošević Pogačnik

Ivana Matošević Pogačnik

English teacher, Geography teacher
  • 11:15-11:45 - Day 2



Children are driven by curiosity which enables them to explore the world. Curiosity is a natural path to learning. A classroom needs to be a safe and familiar, as well as stimulating place to encourage the wish to explore. The talk presents classroom activities that help children to satisfy curiosity through exploration and leave them with pleasure and new knowledge. Activities presented: learning compound nouns through puzzles, continuing the story (listening, reading, writing, speaking), project work – an interdisciplinary connection between English and Geography (Seeking for hidden treasure, Discover Slovenia).

How can curiosity help children learn?


Ivana Matošević Pogačnik is a teacher of English and Geography at Primary School OŠ Janka Kersnika Brdo. She is also a class teacher. She loves her work.

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