Ana Radić

Ana Radić

English teacher
  • 11:15-11:45 - Day 2

Belgrade, Serbia


If you attend this talk you might get some ideas how to brighten up your classroom or your virtual classroom. Humour is something we have all been missing and it is quite essential for our survival and our health. It is a useful tool for loosening up your students and creating an atmosphere whereas a learning process comes naturally. Some examples of classroom jokes and puns will be given in this talk and some games will be explained which, if played right, can be really funny and a great ice breaker.

Is there a place for humour in the classroom?


Ana Radić is a dedicated teacher. She has been working as a primary school English teacher for 15 years. She works in two schools in Voždovac. She’s always preparing some play with children or organizing a quiz or an event. Her motto is – Everything is easier with a smile. She works as a reviewer for Bigz.

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  1. Thank you Ana for your first presentation! It was very well designed and your timing was perfect. You gave us a lot of useful tips that we should have in mind when using humour in class.

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