Nada Đukić

Nada Đukić

Slovenian professor
  • 15:00-15:45 - Day 1

Ankaran, Slovenia


The aim of this workshop is to empower teachers so that they can rely on their resourcefulness and resilience. Online schooling and COVID-19 crisis prove to be extremely challenging for teachers as well. Our starting point will be to discover the importance of self-awareness. By using a three-step coaching technique, we will get to know two ways to cope with bad stress. In our communities, we teachers are perceived as leaders. We will find out three things that people want from the leaders that they follow. We will also discuss how to set goals and targets that pull us forward.

How can we focus on teacher wellbeing during online teaching?


Nada Đukić studied Slovenian, English, and Croatian-Serbian-Macedonian at the University of Ljubljana. She is a professor of Slovenian. In her teaching career of 25+ years, she has dealt with elementary, secondary, university, and adult students. She regularly speaks at international teaching conferences and regularly contributes articles in well-known teacher-training publications.

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  1. Thank you, Nada, for making us reflect on moments of stress and stress relief 🙂
    On how to accept both our weakness and strengths!

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