Anita Jokić

Anita Jokić

English teacher, HUPE Croatia president
  • 10:15-11:00 - Day 2

Rijeka, Hrvatska


This multidisciplinary workshop (class project) combines ELT, Music, Arts, Geography, Culture, and Tourism with modern technology, music, and practical work. The workshop focuses on four Mediterranean countries: Greece, Italy, France, and Spain and students discover the countries in groups using various applications, handouts, and other class materials. Students practice their speaking, writing and IT skills, research, make conclusions, reflect, discuss the materials, create a brochure and express themselves creatively using Nearpod, Padlet, Mentimeter, Testportal, Actionbound, and Kahoot. Challenge your students to show their creativity. 

How does a multidisciplinary class project look like?


Anita Jokić teaches in Prva riječka hrvatska gimnazija and often takes part in international interdisciplinary projects. She is the president of HUPE Croatia, a supervisor for the British Council, and an associate at the Faculty of Humanities. She has co-organized many conferences and regularly gives lectures and workshops.

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