Chaz Pugliese

Chaz Pugliese

Director of Education at Pilgrims, United Kingdom
  • 16:00-17:00 - Day 1

Belgrade, Serbia


Creativity, the set of skills used to manufacture original, valuable teaching ideas, can be any teacher’s formidable resource. Far from being a magic fix, more creative approaches to teaching can result in the students’ increased attention and motivation thus rendering the process smoother and providing the students with a richer learning experience. In this talk, we will firstly overview the numerous reasons for PCT, and highlight in particular, the need to surprise and stimulate the students. We will then go over a few strategies anyone can use to develop their creative muscles and we will quickly take a look at a few practical classroom applications. Please note that the ideas and principles sketched out in the talk apply to teachers working online as well as in more conventional f2f contexts.

How to help adult learners gain confidence in learning English?


Chaz Pugliese has 25+ years’ experience working with teachers all over the world. He’s been a keynote speaker at most international conferences and has run consultancies for the British Council on many occasions. He has published numerous articles/papers in all major professional publications and has published: ‘Being Creative’ (Delta, 2010), The Principles Communicative Approach (co-author, Helbling 2015) and Creating Motivation (Helbling, 2017).

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