Ivan Štefanić

Ivan Štefanić

English teacher, teacher trainer
  • 12:30-13:00 - Day 1

Pazin, Croatia


The amount of space that fake news has taken is substantial, both on news media and on digital social media. The aim of fake news is to mislead and cause damage. We as educators should do our best to teach our students how to spot fake news and how to stop sharing inaccurate information. One of the keys is teaching them critical thinking. This talk will look at several ways how to teach students the importance of fake news, its damage and to fight it.

How can we teach our students to recognize fake news?


I have been working as an English teacher at Vladimir Nazor Primary School in Pazin, Croatia for 20 years. I am the county coordinator of continuous professional development (in EFL) for the County of Istria, and the head of the Istrian branch of HUPE. I’ve held several talks and workshops on regional level and on an international conference. I have been promoted to a teacher trainer. I am involved in school management and in several projects, including ERASMUS +.

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