Hello, our dear colleagues!

Starting from the 19th annual ELTA conference you will be able to network and participate in our conference forum. You can also join from your phone, and participate from a tablet or a mobile device. The functions of the forum allow you to participate in group discussions, message people privately, like and comment on posts, make new posts, and also edit your own profile.

Please explore the tutorials below to learn more.

A few notes:

  1. While registering please make sure that your username is all lowercase with no special characters (correct example testuser, incorrect example Test User 24^$^).
  2. Please don’t forget to activate your account (you need to click on the link from the automatic email sent to you).
  3. The activation code can be used only once, so please do not refresh the window (wait until it loads) and do not try to activate multiple times.
  4. After the activation, you need to log in again.

Forum tutorial: desktop version (full version)

Forum tutorial: mobile version (short version)

Contact the support if you have any technical issues

Contact the tech support via the chat button in the bottom right corner to get live support.