Tijana Nešić-Ristić

Tijana Nešić-Ristić

English teacher, teacher trainer
  • 11:30-12:15 - Day 1

Belgrade, Serbia


More and more adult/middle-aged people face the situation that learning English (often from scratch) is crucial for their job prospects or even staying employed. Such situation creates anxiety and discomfort which are not good starting points for any learning to take place. An additional problem is that such learners usually have very little amount of time to devote to language learning. Some of the ideas that will be presented in the workshop helped my adult learners make progress and gain confidence when faced with such a daunting task. I’d like to share that with you.

How to help adult learners gain confidence in learning English?


Tijana Nešić Ristić is a curious and enthusiastic teacher/ teacher trainer, working with various age groups and levels, putting emphasis on cross-curricular content, passionately trying (and, hopefully, succeeding) to apply approaches applicable to different learning styles.

I do believe that the future of education lies in our ability to grow as teachers and be ready to keep an open mind to all the positive changes happening around us (and be critical of the negative ones), simultaneously being sensitive to the needs of our learners. 

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