We are excited to announce that the Hamilton House Publishers has become our Gold Plus sponsor. Thank you!

Hamilton House is an English Language Teaching publishing company committed to developing materials that play a critical role in raising the quality of English Language Learning around the world.

Our books are currently being used in many leading private language schools as well as government schools around the world.

At Hamilton House, we are well aware that teaching English is a difficult and demanding task and that teachers require innovative, high-quality resources to inspire their students.

The editorial and writing staff at Hamilton House draw on their experience of international markets and feedback from many teachers over the years to develop a wide range of materials that will motivate and help students learn English.

Our materials combine the best of the latest developments in education in multiple formats and media with CLIL, Values and Learner-centred instruction that address the distinct learning needs, interests, aspirations and cultural backgrounds of individual students and their teachers.

All of our courses come with our exclusive Interactive Whiteboard Software for the teacher and e-books for the students. This software includes live videos, animations, games and interactive exercises which will bring your classrooms to life while enhancing your student’s learning experience.

We are also pleased to announce the launch of the Hamilton House Digital Online Platform. This is a multi-platform online learning environment for learners of English. Students log in to complete a wide variety of online activities, including reading, grammar, vocabulary and listening practice. The online exercises complement Hamilton House course books to offer a blended learning solution, thus enhancing the learning experience. Furthermore, our platform is the ideal tool for online and distance learning.

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