Mehtap Özer Isović

Mehtap Özer Isović

University professor, English teacher for VYL
  • 14:00-14:45 - Day 1

Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Along with observation and assessment, planning is at the heart of effective early childhood practice. Teaching English to very young children is no exception. Planning for VYL could be challenging, especially if you haven’t done any training for the early childhood education. However, if you know these essentials, you will be able to design your English classes for the benefit of children, teachers, and families. Participants will leave this practice-oriented presentation with the essentials of long-term and short-term planning for VYL.

Why is planning is at the heart of effective early childhood practice?


Mehtap Özer Isović is an English teacher with an MA degree in English Language and Literature. She grew up in Istanbul, Turkey. She has been teaching English for twelve years in Bosnia and Herzegovina at the International University of Sarajevo. Since 2015, she has also been teaching very young learners in several kindergartens. Mehtap is passionate about continuing professional development and so enjoys participating in conferences. Recently, she has published a book with more than 135 indoor games for children aged 3-10 as a creative response to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns. While currently taking part in several language teaching projects in Sarajevo, she is also participating in art projects.

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